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Design, Direction and Editorial by The Wilderness

The Wilderness teamed up with Minneapolis based agency, Olson, to create a package of commercials for the University of Minnesota. For Reagan's Moon, we designed and fabricated over 25 art nouveau signs to be sequentially animated over the rear projected moonscape. 

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Design, Direction and Editorial by The Wilderness

In this spot for the University of Minnesota, The Wilderness enlisted hand puppeteer, Bob Stromberg, to create a heartfelt yet slightly melancholy world. The spot centers a handmade Kurt in a landscape created by tactile materials to create a shadow box look.


Design, Direction and Editorial by The Wilderness

With over a 100 plus individually illustrated and cut frames, we designed this spot as part of the University of Minnesota's Discovery Illuminates Everyone campaign. The spot is a combination of stop-motion and time lapse which enabled us to create an atmosphere that communicates the power, the energy and the effects of the sun. Doing all of this analog gives the humanity we wanted for this commercial while also showcasing the University's current research in new, solar-based energies.