The juan maclean  a simple design  dfa . NY

“It actually sounds like a very complicated design, but like all good engineering, the end product feels effortless.”

The words of critic Chris DeVille articulate the elegance of The Juan MaClean’s latest single “A Simple Design” from DFA records. The Wilderness team up once more with MaClean (Six Finger Satellite) and Whang (LCD SoundSystem) using analogue techniques to produce a video that looks as meditative, exacting and effortless as “A Simple Design” sounds. In this production, color and shape move. The colors are rich and accessible like the song itself. And, just as the The Juan Maclean combine electro-synth & proto-techno elements with Whang’s arching vocal lines, so to, the Wilderness use simple elements such as paint, light and composite plastics to move the viewer through a very contemporary and haunting composition.

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 11.16.14 AM.png