antlers  every night my teeth are falling out  fkr . NY

Design, Animation and Editorial by The Wilderness

For The Antlers "Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out". our idea and process came from listening to the song many times. We wanted the final look to be interlaced, degenerative and, at times, fragmented. To achieve this visual, we took the raw footage and re-photographed it multiple times slowly pushing the imagery into decay. For the shoot, we made a list of props that felt sincere to the song's vibe; objects such as sod, milk, inks, fake teeth, twine, dominos. In addition to shooting the band members individually, we captured scenarios where they interact with the objects (hammering teeth, pulling twine, etc.). Inspired by a Yoko Ono video from the 60s, everything was on a rotating turntable under flickering lights that helped give the eerie vibe that matched the tone of the song.