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Approached by Target to showcase Free-Skiing, a bourgeoning winter sport for the Olympics, The Wilderness went whole hog in their devotion to making this incredible new exposition sport a tangible reality for the committees, athletes and spectators 

What does that mean? It means packing up the cameras - The VHS, Beta SP, High 8 - you name it. It also means high altitude - and even higher expectations. Thanks to the talented athletes we worked closely with we came home with a jaw-dropping window into one of the world’s most breathtaking sports… Free-Skiing. Our multi-media approach to filming allowed us to use framing, light and format to showcase not only the athletes but the incredible environments where they compete and most importantly… play. Post-Production - as always, was the icing, as custom designed graphics and final color correction bring this stunning expose together.

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We took the interview footage, shot in Aspen, and created this spot that showcases the 3 top athletes in the sport of Free-Skiing.