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When SoundCloud asked us to make a video about sound we turned to the experts, the people who think about sound, every day. Starting from one question, “What is sound?”, we enlisted Moby, Imogen Heap, Marytn Ware, Jad Abumrad, Sal Principato and Tim Exile for their insight. Wanting to use the natural sounds from the world around us, we decided to shoot the interviews outdoors where a plane passing by or a bus going around the corner would direct the discussions in new and unscripted directions.

Wanting to create a film that allowed the audience to breathe in the narrative, we created three chapters: What is sound, Sound around you, and a call to listen. To push our concept of an “open” experience, we cut the conversations together combining simple line illustrations and additional exterior compositions. Our sound is designed to craft the chapters into a sonic narrative that integrates the ambient noises with clean accompanying tones that round out the story.