Reebok  I knew  mcgarry bowen . ny

The second of the two part series for Reebok "I Knew", we decided to continue working with the concept of the earths elements. the prior spot we used water, gels and inks, this time, we decided to take it one step further and use air and fire as the foundation for our concept. We hand painted over 50 canvases with the tag line "I Am What I Am" and the Reebok logo. We experimented with many different paints before we found that straight up acrylic mixed with napalm (yes, we made napalm!) was the best combination to give us the natural feeling we needed. The paint/napalm combination when mixed with air gave us the most beautiful film. We were so excited to use our film (16 mm) to compliment the structured compositions shot by Errol Morris.