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The Wilderness ‘Say it with' for Pepsi with “Sing A Long” that has evocations of summer and the international language of symbol and signifiers in the 21st century. Emojis bounce exuberantly in a 2D space with reckless abandon, waves splash as laughter ensues. The trade mark ‘pop top’ sound, bring sound design, 2D and 3D animation and visual effects together in a global campaign with immediacy, simplicity and charm. Ya know … Like drinking a Pepsi!

03_BOA_Hinge 2 (1-00-08-05).jpg

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With the same 2D and 3D exactness, we executed a swift and punctual spot. It's a cacophony of emojis dancing like so many minions on the effervescent cloud of a freshly popped can of Pepsi. Instant FOMO in 10 seconds!