miracle whiP  mcgarry bowen . IL

Working with Henry Lu, we conducted a thorough exploratory, attempting to capture a hand made and unpolished aesthetic in order to appeal to youthful and/or counter-culture sensibilities. We experimented with different media and finally decided to employ hand-painted stop-motion type. This process required the construction of a rig to support large transparencies. We then filmed frame by frame making minor adjustments with an overhead camera to capture the variations in each paint stroke. The final product lent a simple, yet bold and textural character to this successful Miracle Whip campaign. P.S. the Colbert spoof says it all!

miracle whip  bullet  mcgarry bowen, il

Who comes up with this shit? Straz and Dave from Mcgarry Bowen Chicago. Thank you for letting us realize it for you. What a fun project! High speed cameras and hours of rotoscoping and it's an instant party.

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