Hummingbird Study  Blue ChiP . chicago

This commercial for The Hummingbird Study reaches out to over 700,000 women per year in the U.S. alone, that suffer from Postpartum Depression. We utilize our personal approach to hand crafted visuals to communicate the severity and importance of this cause.

Starting with the VO perspective of a grandmother we combine a visual narrative of  3 cycle cel animations connoting the early years of childhood development. Together these elements converge to articulate The Hummingbird Project’s message. And so, beginning with warm colors the piece shifts to a more somber array of tones to demonstrate the emotive reality so many new mothers experience.

We  approach this project with the stark austerity the issue deserves. However, we temper this with a human angle as illustrated through the hand model and the use of hand drawn animations. We are proud to help bring awareness to this important issue through partnership with The Hummingbird Study.